Trent Wotherspoon commits to launching accountability commission and open government

December 12, 2017

Today Trent Wotherspoon committed to striking an accountability commission to get to the bottom of the Sask. Party’s scandals and secretive projects and restore the public’s faith in government.

“The Sask. Party has spent the last ten years leaving Saskatchewan people in the dark. This is a government that has failed to release the contracts for their secretive P3s like the Regina bypass and the P3 schools,” said Wotherspoon. “And they’ve failed to show any level of accountability when it comes to their scandals like the premier’s private email server and the GTH land deals. I’ll appoint an arm’s length accountability commission to open the books, ensure best value for taxpayers, and get to the bottom of all the messes left behind by the Sask. Party.”

Wotherspoon’s accountability commission would be given a broad scope to examine the impact of Sask. Party scandals, selloffs, and mismanaged projects on Saskatchewan jobs, and public dollars.

Wotherspoon also outlined new commitments to increase openness and transparency in government by:

  • Introducing tougher conflict of interest disclosure rules that would require MLAs to disclose the holdings of their numbered and holding companies and disclose all sources of income other than their MLA salary,
  • Fixing our broken freedom of information system by implementing all the recommendations of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and giving the Commissioner new powers to order public bodies to release documents,
  • Increasing the number of access officers responding to freedom of information requests to reduce delays in responses and eliminating fees for freedom of information requests,
  • Ending the use of private email for cabinet ministers, civil servants, and Crown Corporation employees doing government work,
  • Introducing standards and a code of ethics for MLAs and staff to prevent the misleading of journalists and the public,
  • Striking a commission to investigate and take action on the illegal foreign acquisition of farmland.


For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Mitchell Bonokoski