Wotherspoon releases comprehensive education policy

October 20, 2017

Today NDP leadership candidate Trent Wotherspoon rolled out his plan to fix education and deliver the most enriched and engaging classrooms possible.

“Before I entered politics, I worked as a teacher and saw the tremendous impact education has on the lives of young people,” said Wotherspoon. “My vision for our province goes beyond just stopping the damage to our classrooms and the takeover of our democratic, local school boards. We need to build a province that works for everyone, and that starts with building a world-class education system for our kids.”

Focusing on nine areas, Trent’s plan for education will:

  • Bring back local flexibility, autonomy, and democratic control to our school boards,
  • Respect and support our educators,
  • Invest to reduce class-size and ensure our students have the supports they need to learn,
  • Modernize our provincial curriculum so that it ensures our students have the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities to participate in the economy of today and tomorrow,
  • Build a world-class education system that extends opportunity and reduces inequality,
  • Collaborate across government and public services to ensure needed supports for students,
  • Recognize the need and importance of reconciliation by implementing the education recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report,
  • Ensure that Treaty Education is being delivered to all students with the full spirit and intent of the Treaties,
  • Ensure that our schools are safe, healthy and inclusive learning environments for all of our students, teachers and staff.

For more information, read the backgrounder document here.


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