Trent Wotherspoon welcomes endorsements from Hugh Wagner and Rosalee Longmoore

November 10, 2017

Today, NDP leadership candidate Trent Wotherspoon welcomed endorsements from two leaders in Saskatchewan ‘s labour movement: Hugh Wagner and former Saskatchewan Union of Nurses president Rosalee Longmoore.

“I’ve been so impressed with the work Trent has done for the last two years holding the Sask. Party to account,” said Wagner. “He’s shown that he has what it takes to lead the NDP and lead a government that will deliver for people.”

“I’m standing with Trent for the future of my grandchildren and all other children who deserve to be all that they can be.  Trent works tirelessly to connect with individuals and organizations across this province and this decade of work is what we need to build on for 2020,” said Longmoore. “Trent’s passion for people, our Party and our province is why I want to be part of this team that is our fighting chance to build a better Saskatchewan.”

 “These two leaders have shown tremendous strength and determination standing up for Saskatchewan people,” said Wotherspoon. “I’m honoured to have their support in this campaign and thankful that they share my vision for a province with hope, opportunity, and reconciliation for all.”



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