Trent Wotherspoon commits to bringing back the Ministry of Northern Affairs and support for trappers

October 16, 2017

Today in La Ronge, NDP Leadership Candidate Trent Wotherspoon announced his commitment to provide core funding to the Northern Trappers’ Association and reestablish a Ministry of Northern Affairs.

“The Sask. Party has been ignoring the North for far too long, and I’m committed to working with Northerners to develop solutions that will make life better in the North,” Wotherspoon said. “A resourced, respected, and empowered Ministry of Northern Affairs will bring Northern people and communities, Crown Corporations, and other Ministries together to ensure effective services, address real challenges, and advance meaningful opportunity.

“Recognizing that trapping is an important heritage industry that plays a key role in land stewardship, I’ll also make sure that the Northern Trappers’ Association gets the resources it needs to effectively organize and advocate for trappers in the North.”

“Trent’s commitment to re-establishing the Ministry of Northern Affairs will help Northerners access services and will give Northerners a voice within government,” said Cumberland MLA Doyle Vermette. “The 4,000 trappers in the North are the stewards of the land, and by supporting them with core funding for their association, we will be able to help preserve Northern traditions while helping to promote sustainable development of our Northern fur resources.”


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