Trent Wotherspoon receives endorsements from Harry Van Mulligen, Joanne Crofford and John Solomon

February 22, 2018

Today NDP leadership candidate Trent Wotherspoon welcomed endorsements from Harry Van Mulligen, Joanne Crofford, and John Solomon.

Harry Van Mulligen served as a cabinet minister and as the MLA for Regina Victoria and Regina Douglas Park. Joanne Crofford served as a cabinet minister and the MLA for Regina Rosemont. John Solomon served as the MLA for Regina North East and as the Member of Parliament for Regina – Lumsden.

“It was my privilege to have served with Trent for a few years in the Legislative Assembly,” said Van Mulligen. “He immediately impressed me with his grasp of public policy, his interest in listening, and his ability to articulate the concerns of Saskatchewan people. Trent will be a great leader for the NDP and Premier of Saskatchewan.”

"There's real hurt for people right now, and they deserve someone that's going to stand strong, fight for them and deliver change," said Crofford. "That's why I support Trent Wotherspoon as the next NDP leader."

“As interim leader, Trent Wotherspoon worked tirelessly to rebuild support for the NDP,” said Solomon. “In large part due to his hard work and dedication over the past 10 years, the NDP is now credibly positioned to become our next government. As a compassionate, strong leader, he has earned wide support from people from all walks of life and from every corner of our province. He has inspired young people to become involved in their future.

“I have worked with four former Saskatchewan NDP leaders and four federal NDP leaders. All have shown various significant leadership skills. I believe Trent has the potential to surpass them all, in particular, in making a positive difference in Saskatchewan's future and in peoples' lives. These are the reasons I choose, and support Trent Wotherspoon for leader of our party.”


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