Trent has a vision for a province that works for everyone.

Focusing on these key areas, Trent has a plan to deliver a province with hope, opportunity, and reconciliation for all.


Delivering on universal coverage for mental health and universal $15 per day childcare.

For ten years Trent has been standing up in the Legislature and in communities across Saskatchewan to stop the Sask. Party’s heartless cuts. Short-sighted changes to health care and education are leaving our children and the most vulnerable behind.

But fighting to stop the cuts isn’t enough - to win the next election, we have to deliver new programs ready for 21st-century Saskatchewan.

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Strong Crown Corporations

Our Crown Corporations have been built up by and for generations of Saskatchewan people. They’re a part of who we are as a province.

Through Bill 40 and a decade of privatization, contracting out, and undermining our Crowns, the Sask. Party has proven that they can’t be trusted to ensure our Crowns remain under the ownership and control of Saskatchewan people. 

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Reconciliation, including fulfilling the calls to action in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission final report

This year, our country marked 150 years since confederation. But for those 150 years – and much longer before that – we have failed to live up to the spirit and intent of the Treaties, and we’ve failed generations of First Nations and Métis peoples.  

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Providing the most enhanced and engaging classrooms possible

Trent worked as a teacher before entering politics, and he knows how much damage the Sask. Party has done to our classrooms through their cuts.

Trent has a comprehensive plan to fix education, focusing on nine key areas. 

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Better healthcare and frontline services

Under the Sask. Party’s cuts, far too many people are forced to go without needed medications, wait for months to get the treatment they need, or wait for hours to get care in understaffed seniors homes. 

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Real action on climate change and protection for our environment

We need a made in Saskatchewan solution to climate change that protects families and jobs while reducing our province’s greenhouse gas emissions. Under the Sask. Party, our province has become a laggard when it comes to the environment – Trent wants to build a province where we are a leader once more. 

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A strong and inclusive economy that works for people

The Sask. Party’s push to a low wage, part-time, precarious work, privatized, and outsourced economy must be stopped. 

Trent knows we need to focus on job creation, value added industries, and support for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

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Support for the most vulnerable

Far too many in our province are struggling on the margins – and the Sask. Party’s cuts and sell-offs are making life for vulnerable people even more difficult. 

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Accountability and strengthened democracy

The Sask. Party’s dishonesty, scandals, and lies have damaged the public’s faith in government.

We need to win in 2020 and we need to build up our party together so we can form a government and deliver for people.

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Building to win all across Saskatchewan

To win in 2020, we need to grow our party and our movement in cities, towns, villages, rural communities, on First Nations and through the North. 

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