Strong Crown Corporations

Our Crown Corporations have been built up by and for generations of Saskatchewan people. They’re a part of who we are as a province.

Through Bill 40 and a decade of privatization, contracting out, and undermining our Crowns, the Sask. Party has proven that they can’t be trusted to ensure our Crowns remain under the ownership and control of Saskatchewan people.

As premier, Trent would:

  • Lock down our Crown Corporations and ensure they’re around for generations to come by putting the requirement for a referendum before any sale into the constitution,
  • Stop the privatization of liquor stores and ensure the remaining stores are welcoming, modern retail outlets,
  • Reduce the reliance on contract and temporary employees by building capacity within our Crowns,
  • Expand the mandates of SaskTel, SaskPower, SaskWater, SGI, and SaskEnergy, and reverse the Sask. Party changes that prevent our Crowns from diversifying outside Saskatchewan,
  • Build a public province-wide transportation system in the wake of the deceitful sell-off of STC,
  • Deliver high-speed internet service and cellular coverage in every community in the province,
  • Utilize our Crowns to aggressively develop renewable power, working with home owners, businesses, farms, First Nations, and municipalities on distributed renewable power generation.