A strong and inclusive economy that works for people

The Sask. Party’s push to a low wage, part-time, precarious work, privatized, and outsourced economy must be stopped. 

Trent knows we need to focus on job creation, value added industries, and support for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

To deliver on a strong and inclusive economy, Trent would:

  • Fight for and deliver on a $15 an hour minimum wage,
  • Introduce pay equity legislation to close the gender pay gap,
  • Support our emerging technology sector through high-speed internet access, tax incentives, and a world-class education system,
  • End the outsourcing of public projects and expensive P3s that shut out Saskatchewan businesses and workers, undermine Saskatchewan jobs, and put the public on the hook for generations,
  • Level the playing field for government procurement, make sure Saskatchewan companies have a fair shot for government contracts, and ensure the public receives best value for public money,
  • Bring back the Ministry of Northern Affairs and provide support for trappers in the North,
  • Work to reestablish the family-class category within SINP,
  • Restore automatic card check certification to help workers organize,
  • Enhance workplace safety standards and inspections to make sure every worker makes it home safe at the end of their shift,
  • Act to ensure accessibility for students to high quality post-secondary education and training, 
  • Restore grants-in-lieu between Crown Corporations and municipalities and establish dedicated municipal infrastructure funding, 
  • Support business incubators and services for entrepreneurs, and fund local economic development to develop and accelerate local businesses, create jobs, strengthen regional economies and diversify our economy, 
  • Expand our progressive income tax system by introducing a new personal income tax rate for those earning more than $250,000 and reverse the tax cut made to the current highest wage bracket in the most recent budget,
  • Review natural resource royalties to ensure the people of the province properly benefit when economic conditions generate windfall profits,
  • Ensure a lasting legacy through our natural resources by establishing a sovereign wealth heritage fund,
  • Work collaboratively to rebuild a film industry in Saskatchewan, including a film employment tax credit,
  • Work to ensure fairness on equalization,
  • Improve rail transportation and work with producers and agri-business to support value added processing jobs and meet the growing global demand for Saskatchewan’s world-class crops and food products,
  • Build regulations that protect the public and that allow for economic development and job creation through the legalization of marijuana – including production and value-add processing.