Wotherspoon welcomes endorsements from five young leaders in Saskatchewan NDP

January 15, 2018

Today NDP leadership candidate Trent Wotherspoon received endorsements from young leaders of the New Democratic Party. 

“As a young woman, it’s important to me that women are treated and paid equally in the workforce. Trent’s plan to end the wage gap is one of many ways that he will advocate for women,” said 2018-19 Federal NDP Councilor Brittney Senger. “Contraceptives such as IUDs are often unaffordable. With Trent’s commitment to full coverage for contraceptives, all women will finally be able to take control of their reproductive health.”

“Trent’s vision is the most comprehensive and inclusive of Saskatchewan values,” said Saskatchewan NDP Vice President and Saskatchewan New Democratic Women Vice President of Events and Education Twyla Harris Naciri. “Trent is someone who connects with people all across the province – from the North, to farms and cities, and everywhere in between. In his work to become our next leader he has taken the time to consult and implement the strongest ideas, from all individuals, no matter their station in life." 

“Trent is a dedicated, hardworking individual and over the years he has proven himself worthy to lead the NDP in the right direction for the betterment of our province,” said University of Saskatchewan student Kiefer Roberts. “As an Indigenous person, I know that Trent is a proven ally who has stood up for the North and will continue to do so as the next NDP Premier of Saskatchewan.”

“After working with Trent in many capacities, I know he has the heart, dedication, and commitment to not only make an excellent leader of our party, but a phenomenal premier who will fight for every last person in our province,” said University of Saskatchewan student and former Saskatchewan Young New Democrats President Daniel Woloshin.

"Trent’s commitment to the province is genuine and heartfelt,” said Saskatchewan NDP Youth Vice President Austin MacNally. “His plan for real action on climate change, stronger Crown Corporations, and a strong and inclusive economy speaks to all Saskatchewan people, and it’s a plan that will build a province that works for everyone."


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